• Jana Lév

How to identify problems worth solving

Artikel von Andreas von Criegern darüber, warum so viele Startups und Innovationsvorhaben scheitern.

Due to a survey, 43% of all startups fail, as they are offering solutions nobody is willing to pay for. But also established companies have a quite high fail rate with their product development: 95% of all new products are not accepted by consumers. Companies obviously develop products nobody wants - meaning, they are not addressing a relevant problem in the life of their customers. What's the reason for that and are there any approaches to identify problems worth solving more successfully?

Ganzer Artikel: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-identify-problems-worth-solving-andreas-von-criegern/?trackingId=l0c5%2BBAEeRy73lAqI%2BEhxQ%3D%3D

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